Shipping methods and forms of transport

Principles of shipping

Execution of orders placed on weekdays after 12.00, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays begins the next working day of receipt of the impact of the payment. Goods sent in Polish courier or the Polish Post.

Shipping abroad is carried out through the Polish Post as an economy package or airline.

All costs associated with overseas shipping paid by the customer.

Transport costs are subject to change due to the shipment weight or the amount of goods ordered. We recommend the purchase of several products in one basket in order to avoid duplication of transport costs. We can not connect two distinct orders because shipping costs are added to each order Separately.

All costs associated with shipping on Polish territory, above purchases for the amount of 500 zł covers the Seller. If the sum of purchases is less than 500 zł shipping costs borne by the customer.

hipping in Polish:
Postal parcel: 13 zł
Priority mail package: 14 zł
Registered item: 9 zł
Registered item priority: 12 zł

Courier: 24 zł
Inpost (Paczkomat): 15 zł

Shipping abroad:
EU postal parcel (max 1kg): 57 zł
Postal parcel Worldwide (max 1kg): 60 zł

Priority EU registered item (max 0.5 kg): 22 zł
Priority EU registered item (max 1kg): 36 zł
Registered item Priority Worldwide (max 0.5 kg): 31 zł
Registered item Priority Worldwide (max 1kg): 51 zł

Goods for shipment is properly packed and protected.
Please check on receipt of the consignment, or has not been compromised during transport.